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DPACO was born at 2014 to provide access to local and international markets for various industry and companies from the metalworking sector. DPACO is supplying its products and services to important companies from the most demanding industries across Iranian auto industry.

For over 7 years DPACO has successfully participated in supplying metal and welding components for automotive sectors for the most famous companies providing auto parts for Iran Khodro and Saipa such as Ezam group and other customers. Our commitment with our customers allows fast delivery times around the country.

درباره دپاکو

Our products


Dirin Press Alborz (DPACO) products

  • Designing and Manufacturing various types of industrial dies such as Trimming, Forming, Restriking, in different size from G2 to G6 in different shapes like Progressive dies, Compound dies and so forth.
  • Manufacturing different kind of Stamping and welding components of auto Clutch Kit such as Clutch Cover, Diaphragm Spring, Cushion Plate, Guide washer.
  • Manufacturing various types of components and sub-components of Auto Shock Absorbers such as Guide Key, Spring Seat, Casing and Bottom Cap as well as Knuckle Bracket and Body Assembly.

Vision, Mission and values

  • Vision:We are going to be the most impressive Auto stamping and welding parts manufacturer in Iran relying on our young educated experts.
  • Mission: Manufacture of Stamping parts and die tooling with the competitive quality, price and delivery.
  • Values: Creating value for customers, employees and stack holders based on reciprocal respect, outcome oriented and organizational hardworking and commitment.

Our Customers

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No. 20793, 1st Pouyesh St., Technology St., Standard Blvd., 2nd Caspian industrial zone, Karaj-Qazvin road, Abyek

No. 219. North Aban St.. Negarestan Blvd.. Shamsabad Industrial City. 43th Km. Tehran-Qom. Rd. Tehran. Iran